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In the market for value-added solutions? Wondering where to find new and improved products?  This monthly newsletter features the latest products, services and industry technologies from SMACNA's Associate Members. Timely articles on overall market and industry conditions are featured as well.  


Tips to Bring Out the Best in Your Company’s Employees

It’s no secret that when businesses treat employees well, those employees tend to perform better and stay with the company long-term. To get your business to that level, here are six tips to help you retain and attract talented employees. 


Don’t Leave Your Field Behind, Digitize Your Forms and Increase Productivity

Labor is a major cost and limited resource for field teams, yet most fall behind with digitization - you can see this with paper drawings and carbon copy forms still being the major medium for construction. See below how you can empower leadership teams to make the shift to digital forms and then reap the benefits of digitization.



Video: HEPA Room Air Cleaner in Action

By providing continuous filtration, the Titus HEPA Room Air Cleaner (THRC) is the ideal solution to improve indoor air quality within schools and other educational facilities. 


View the Daikin Air Purifier

Designed to improve indoor air quality within large indoor spaces by effectively removing airborne contaminants, the unit’s ultra-quiet, low-noise operation makes it ideal for environments that require minimal distractions.


Optimizing Spiral Duct Performance with Insulation

Spiral ducts are very common in today’s commercial settings. They offer a myriad of benefits ranging from longer duct runs to reduced leakage because they have fewer joints. Additionally, many architects and designers prefer the aesthetic appearance of a spiral duct over that of a rectangular duct. Just like many duct systems, however, spiral ducts often require insulation.


Is Your Facility Protected From Potential Theft?

Take a close look at your business. Does it seem like a place that may attract thieves? Predicting when a theft will occur is difficult – if not impossible. The thief could be someone with high intent who does a lot of planning, or potentially an amateur acting on impulse.


How Well do You know Your Industrial Isolation Dampers?

Dampers can have many different functions within an HVAC or process application. One such function prevents or restricts the free flow of air, requiring the use of an isolation damper. Isolation dampers are generally two-position dampers and actuated to be fully open or fully closed.


FMI’s 2021 Third Quarter Outlook

In their latest forecast report, the experts at FMI share their outlook for U.S. and Canadian total engineering and construction spending, residential construction put in place, non-residential construction put in place, and non-building structures construction put in place.

Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

Accurately Calculate and Fix Profit Bleed

Profit bleed or profit fade often is hard to detect. It can go unnoticed both during growth periods and also during times where businesses are dealing with a declining market. The key, according to turnaround expert Thomas Schleifer, is to create a system that can refine your profit expectations to automatically adjust for profit bleed, where profit is lower, or sandbagging, where profit is underestimated.

Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

Milwaukee Tool Cuts the Cord with the Industry’s First 18V Abrasive Chop Saw

Milwaukee Tool has unveiled the next generation of chop saws with the industry’s first full size chop saw – the M18 FUEL™ 14” Abrasive Chop Saw. Designed for the toughest metalworking applications, the new chop saw delivers 15A corded power within a cordless, portable solution.

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Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

Global Construction Report: The Next Five Years

A recent Procore survey of 2,000 customers and prospects from all aspects of the construction industry was undertaken to get a full understanding of the challenges and opportunities the next half decade might bring.

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Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

Case Study: Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center

Pathfinder® air-cooled and Magnitude® water-cooled chillers formed the core of a hybrid HVAC system for this medical center — to meet loads and optimize efficiency according to the time of year. The result: $70,000 in annual savings and a $160,000 utility rebate. 

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Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

Video: HEPA Room Air Cleaner in Action

By providing continuous filtration, the Titus HEPA Room Air Cleaner (THRC) is the ideal solution to improve indoor air quality within schools and other educational facilities. 

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Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

Improve Your HVAC Duct Fabrication

See noticeable improvements to the overall production, quality, and efficiency in your duct shop with the addition of an automated duct manufacturing process with the Iowa Precision Pro-Fabriduct® Full Coil Line with In-Line Plasma. 

Mestek Machinery is a Gold Associate Member/Premier Partner

Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

In-Cab Technology: The Future of Fleet Safety

With vehicle crashes on the rise and cost of crash-related litigation skyrocketing, many businesses are leveraging in-cab technology to help protect their drivers, operations, and bottom line.

Federated Insurance is a Gold Associate Member/Premier Partner

Products & Services Update Jun 21 2021

6 Reasons Why You Need the Micro-Lok eBook

As a pipe insulation system designer or installer, you need to ensure you have all the resources required to design and install effective pipe insulation systems. This is why Johns Manville released the Micro-Lok® HP Guidebook, a free, Insulation Intel® eBook.

Johns Manville is a Gold Associate Member.

GRIPNAIL® Equipment Financing

GRIPNAIL® is now offering interest free financing* on their full line of automated duct lining machinery. Don’t let your equipment eat into your bottom line. Make your sheet metal shop run at peak efficiency with the legendary reliability you expect from GRIPNAIL.

The Market's Most Powerful Cordless Metal Cutting Solutions

Hilti's SSH 6-A22 double-cut shear uses two separate cutting edges to remove thin strips of material and is equipped with a "chip clipper" to terminate the cut without any other tools required, while the SPN 6-A22 nibbler operates like a fast-moving miniature punch-and-die, removing small bits of metal quickly, with extreme precision and accuracy.

Milwaukee® Launches Major Expansion of Their Headlamp Offering

The leading jobsite lighting provider in the industry, Milwaukee Tool, continues to expand their rapidly-growing Personal Lighting family of products with a major expansion of their headlamp solutions. The line-up includes a new rechargeable light – a game-changing USB Rechargeable BEACON™ Hard Hat Light, which provides 360° of personal safety lighting.

Insulating Plenum Spaces

Knowing which duct insulations to use in plenum spaces can be challenging. Plenums are used to house ducts, pipes, electrical cables, and are common in commercial settings. They often have unique requirements for the materials that are used inside them.

Products & Services Update

Do You Know Who You’re Hiring?

You’re looking to bring on a new employee, and your prime candidate looks great on paper — plenty of experience, consistent work history, and ideal professional credentials.  Before making an offer, where appropriate, consider checking their background to help you understand who you’re adding to your team.

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Maximize Your ROI with D-Max 2.0E

The D-Max Tube Formers from ISM Machinery are revolutionary automatic spiral tube formers that combine the most advanced technology with one of the smallest footprints in the industry!