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Member Update Jun 10 2021

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OSHA Issues Emergency Temporary COVID-19 Standard

This new emergency temporary standard has been put in place to protect healthcare workers from the coronavirus, while offering additional guidance to employers and workers in other industries to protect those who are still not vaccinated.


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Vaccine Policies for Contractors

Many contractors have inquired about the best COVID-19 vaccination policy to adopt, what legal pitfalls might exist for mandatory versus “strongly-encouraged” policies. Learn about both your rights as an employer, employees’ rights, the role the union plays in negotiating mandated policies and OSHA guidelines in this important and timely presentation.


Help Raise Awareness About Building Safety

Building Safety Week topics include energy and innovation, training, safety, and disaster preparedness. Modules are available online and can be completed at your own pace, anytime and anywhere from the convenience of your computer. A free Campaign Toolkit includes template resources, such as news releases, advertising, and pre-written social media posts to help drive awareness of building safety topics in your community.


National Jobsite Safety Survey Now Open

SMACNA members are highly encouraged to share their insights by participating in a joint SMACNA and Dodge Data & Analytics survey so that their voices can be included in the results of this important, nationwide study. Responses are due by June 23, 2021.


June Is National Safety Month

National Safety Month is a month-long effort aimed at helping organizations and their workers prevent on-the-job hazards, address physical and psychological safety concerns, and advance safety protocols and continuous improvement on the jobsite.


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Make Sure Workers Are Prepared for Summer Heat Stress

SMACNA provides free heat stress tip cards to contractors to help raise awareness of the signs of heat stress. Additionally, OSHA’s heat illness website includes ways to identify the symptoms of heat stress and provides educational and training resources to prevent the onset of heat stress before it occurs. The site also includes a Heat Safety app.

Member Update May 20 2021

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SMOHIT Restarts Job Hazard Screening Program

COVID-19 forced the cancellation of SMOHIT’s 2020 Job Hazard Screening Program. Now, with more than a third of the country fully vaccinated, this important life-saving program has been restarted. Once aimed at asbestos screening only, the program now screens for such diseases as diabetes, hypertension and other non-work related illnesses.

SMACNews Apr 30 2021

UV-C for HVAC Air and Surface Disinfection

Despite decades of research and thousands of applications in hospital emergency and operating rooms, urgent-care centers, universities, and first-responder locations, UV-C has not been widely leveraged. 

Technical Resources Apr 27 2021

EPA Signs SNAP Rule 23

On April 23, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Rule 23 - New listings for refrigeration and air conditioning; revised listing for fire suppression.

Member Update Apr 15 2021

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Promoting Vaccination Among Small Construction Firms

Construction work — deemed essential during the ongoing pandemic — requires that work continues in-person, placing workers are at greater risk of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. i

Member Update Apr 08 2021

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OSH Professionals Can Help Small Contractors

Occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals are an excellent resource for construction firms with 20 or fewer employees facing ongoing challenges keeping their safety programs up to date.

Podcast Apr 08 2021

Let's Talk Shop, Episode 15: IAQ and the Reopening of Schools, Buildings and Offices

In Episode 15 of Let’s Talk Shop, host Angie Simon, CEO, Western Allied Mechanical, chats with Tony Kocurek, SMACNA National Secretary–Treasurer and president of Energy Balance and Integration in Albuquerque, about how testing and balancing is being used to improve indoor air quality, as well as the role sheet metal contractors are playing in reopening schools, restaurants, offices and other businesses.

Member Update Apr 01 2021

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Access the SMACNA Fleet Management and Vehicle Safety Program

Distracted driving is the hot topic in vehicle use these days, but it needs to be addressed in what Mike McCullion, SMACNA’s Director of Market Sectors and Safety, calls a “Safe Driving Culture”.

Member Update Apr 01 2021

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Improved SMOHIT Website Available to Contractors

SMACNA has been working with SMOHIT to develop a variety of training resources on subjects important to contractors, with the intent of making these resources accessible through the SMOHIT website.

Member Update Mar 25 2021

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Keep Your Emergency Preparedness Plan Up to Date

SMACNA provides member companies with a Business Continuity Plan workbook that follows industry best practices and ensures that organizations have the best plan possible for the overall investment required.

Member Update Mar 25 2021

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CDC: How to Protect Yourself and Others Once Fully Vaccinated

The CDC has released additional information on how individuals who are considered fully vaccinated can continue to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Member Update Mar 18 2021

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CDC Issues Guidance For Fully Vaccinated Individuals

The CDC has issued guidance for people who are considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Member Update Mar 04 2021

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NIOSH App Helps Track PPE

The NIOSH PPE Tracker mobile app can help employers in the construction industry keep track of their personal protective equipment (PPE) inventory. Facilities can use the app to calculate their average PPE consumption rate or “burn rate.”


SMACNA Contractor’s Work Helps Power Silicon Valley Manufacturers

If you have any computer equipment in your shop, home or office — and nowadays, who doesn’t — odds are good that it was made by a company with its roots, or at least a major presence, in Silicon Valley. 


Clean Rooms Critical to Pandemic Response

Clean room projects offer SMACNA contractors the opportunity to showcase their expertise

Member Update Feb 18 2021

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SMACNA Safety Innovation Award Nominations

SMACNA is now accepting nominations for its third annual Safety Innovation Award. Submissions due July 1, 2021.

OSHA & Regulatory Compliance

OSHA Increases Civil Penalties, Revises Site-Specific Targeting

DOL announced last week that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration civil penalty amounts for serious and “other-than-serious” safety violations have been adjusted based on cost-of-living adjustments for 2021.

Member Update Dec 10 2020

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New FEMA Study Links Building Codes to Reduced Losses

A new report from FEMA provides evidence that contemporary building codes have led to significant reductions in property losses due to natural disasters.

Safety & Health

NFPA 70E 2021: Significant Changes in Electrical Safety in the Workplace Standards

The NFPA 70E 2021 Standard for electrical safety in the workplace has been revised, updated and put into effect. It replaces all previous versions of the standard.

Webinar Nov 18 2020

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Industrial Contractors Forum: Dust Collection and Combustible Dust Projects

The 2020 Industrial Forum Webinar provided an overview of dust collection systems and work opportunities including the importance of combustible dust awareness.


CDC Updates Definition of Close Contact

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has modified its definition of what constitutes “close contact” with persons infected with COVID-19 and the potential elevated risk of contracting the virus.

Webinar Oct 13 2020

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How HVAC Systems Impact COVID-19 Transmission Based on Scientific Evidence

This EDGE Conference session outlined some of the latest research related to how HVAC systems can and should be modified to reduce the probability of COVID-19 transmission.


AIHA COVID 19 Guidance Document

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Construction Committee prepared this guidance to give construction employers a practical plan for protecting construction workers from COVID-19. 


COVID-19 Exposure Control Planning Tool

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommend that companies develop a plan to protect their employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19.


System Air Leakage Test Standard

SMACNA has included a procedure for leakage testing of ductwork Since January of 1965. This process like many others has evolved after more research and feedback from the industry led to changes in both the pass/fail criteria and the application of testing. The next major leap forward is this standard. It goes beyond the duct and include procedures for any item included in a forced air system. This standard addresses leakage testing of any portion of, and up to the entire forced air system. It does so in a responsible manner where the pass/fail criterions are based on sound research specific to testing conditions and distributes the responsibility of system performance equitably. The testing process is reliable, practical and based on decades of experience.

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OSHA Issues Temporary Respiratory Enforcement Guidelines

This OSHA resource helps employers understand and comply with OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard during COVID-19.


2020 Safety Innovation Award Highlights Pride of Workers

This year’s SMACNA Safety Innovation Award went to UMC for their pride-based safety program that encourages staff to “do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.”


Code Inspections Amid COVID-19

For building inspectors, the novel coronavirus has made many of them rethink the way they approach building certifications, and even the way they interact with people on the jobsite.


HVAC Customers Seek Improved Indoor Air Quality

Across the United States, residential contractors have seen an increase in business as clients adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Facial Coverings and Heat Stress

Contractors should evaluate facial covering polices very carefully and include heat stress assessments on all jobsites including identifying tasks and processes that would require mask use (when social distancing is not possible).


SMACNA COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan

SMACNA developed a plan template that contractors can use to develop or revise a COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan.  

OSHA & Regulatory Compliance

Preventing Work-Related Head Injuries

OSHA requires workers to wear a protective helmet (hard hat) when working in areas where there is a potential for injury to the head from falling objects.


FDA Updates List of Hand Sanitizers Not to Use

The FDA is urging consumers not to use certain hand sanitizer products it deems ineffective (subpotent), or in some cases, potentially toxic.


OSHA: Encourage Employees to Wear Face Coverings

OSHA recently issued FAQs on cloth face coverings to address inaccurate claims that they cause unsafe oxygen or harmful carbon dioxide levels for the wearer.


CDC Issues Revised Guidance on Returning to Work After Isolation

In July, the CDC updated the criteria relating to when an employee may return to work. They issued their new criteria which applies to persons who have mild to moderate illness and are recovering at home.

Safety & Health

How Employers Can Help Reduce Opioid Use on the Job

According to recent research, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in opioid abuse fueled by stress and lack of access to prevention services and support groups due to restrictions on in-person meetings.


OSHA Issues Guidance to Help Construction Workers Amid COVID-19

OSHA's new publication, #4045 - Guidance on Returning to Work, provides general principles for updating restrictions originally put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus.


COVID-19 Awareness Training Course

To help the sheet metal and HVAC industry provide employees with information on COVID-19, SMACNA, SMART, iTi and SMOHIT have prepared a COVID-19 Awareness Course.


OSHA COVID-19 for Construction Website

OSHA's new COVID-19 for Construction webpage provides guidance for employers and workers regarding construction projects and activities.


Resources for International and Counterfeit Respirator Issues

NIOSH just released this summary of issues with foreign manufactured respirators. Facial coverings ("non-respirators") continue to be recommended by CDC for COVID-19 community spread prevention. This guidance pertains to respirators when they are used.


National Safety Council SAFER Return-to-Work Guidelines

The National Safety Council has published useful guidelines to support employers as they navigate their way through COVID-19 concerns.

May 14 2020

Let's Talk Shop, Episode 12: TAB contractors and their frontline fight against COVID-19

Host Angie Simon, CEO, Western Allied Mechanical, talks with Matt Sano, president of Fisher Balancing Company, a testing and air balancing contractor, and Jennifer Lohr, a technician with the company.

Safety & Health

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Press Brake Videos: Overview and Safe Distance Safeguarding

Available exclusively for members, SMOHIT, the SMACNA/SMART Labor Management Safety and Health Trust, has produced two videos to help address press brake safety.


Essential Worker Letter

Early in the 2020 pandemic, members  asked about an Essential Worker Letter.  As the pandemic evolves, the status of “construction” as an “essential” industry may also change.