Project Management

April 3-6, 2022

Project Managers Institute

Covers the essential skills of effective project management for project managers, including management/leadership, project planning, time management, change order management, and more.

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  • Calendar DateApr/03 - Apr/06 2022

Contracts Bulletin Jun 04 2021

Contracts Bulletin #65 (2.0): Force Majeure – A Clause for Our Times

Updated June 3, 2021. When a contract contains either rewards or penalties for meeting deadlines, force majeure clauses are essential. Otherwise, the contractor will be held accountable for meeting a deadline, even if the delay is caused by forces outside its control.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 03 2021

Contracts Bulletin #110 (2.0): Shifting the Risk of Rising Material Costs

Updated June 2021. Even in the best of times, material shortages and changing prices are disruptive. Commodities, such as asphalt, copper, steel and other materials are subject to global pressures and price fluctuations. More than ever, contractors need to protect themselves from changes in material prices.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 03 2021

Contracts Bulletin #118 (2.0) : Force Majeure Provisions: COVID-19

Updated June, 2021. Over the last year, many industries have experienced supply delays and workforce shortages resulting from the spread of COVID-19. The construction industry certainly was not immune to these issues. The current situation serves as a good reminder to review and understand contract provisions that cover unforeseen construction delays.

SMACNews Apr 30 2021

The Bidding Hack: 5 Ways to Increase Your Bid Win Rate

The pandemic led to one of the most difficult years in memorable history for the construction industry — one in which specialty contractors were hit particularly hard. According to a recent report from Autodesk, project bidding dropped roughly 34% in the 60 days following March 19, 2020, the day the first U.S. stay-at-home orders were mandated.

Technical Resources Apr 27 2021

EPA Signs SNAP Rule 23

On April 23, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Rule 23 - New listings for refrigeration and air conditioning; revised listing for fire suppression.

Spring 2022

Supervisor Training Academy

Covers leadership, communication, productivity, profitability, measurement and industry trends, and other topics relevant to supervisors, foremen, superintendents and other critical managers.

Spring 2022

Advanced Project Managers Institute

Immerses participants in a simulated world, running a complex sheet metal project involving many associated challenges and complications, including understanding and managing project scope, estimating cost to complete, billings and cash flow, anger order management.


INDUSTRIAL: ‘On-Time’ Is Critical for Global Aerospace Client

Time waits for no one, especially when you’ve been selected to build the newest manufacturing plant for the world’s largest aerospace corporation, The Boeing Company. 


HVAC: A Perfect Trifecta for SMACNA Members

SMACNA members won all the sheet metal work available for the Southwestern Community College’s new Performing Arts and Cultural Center in Chula Vista, Calif. 


ARCHITECTURAL: Taking Skills to New Heights

Accurate Specialty Metal Fabricators (ASMF) of Queens, N.Y., took their work to another level recently with a project atop the Citigroup headquarters building in New York City.


Clean Rooms Critical to Pandemic Response

Clean room projects offer SMACNA contractors the opportunity to showcase their expertise

Contractor Operations Manual

Integrated Project Delivery Guide

This Guide provides an overview of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method from the perspective of sheet metal, HVAC, and mechanical contractors and can serve as a guide for those interested in expanding their market share into healthcare and other IPD market sectors.

IPD is found at the intersection of quality, cost and scheduling on a construction project where project teams, systems, business structures, and practices are all working collaboratively and tapping into the talents and insights of all team members in an effort to optimize efficiencies and reduce redundancies or waste throughout the construction life cycle (e.g., design, fabrication, installation, etc.).

This document is free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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Webinar Dec 16 2020

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HVAC Contractors Forum Webinar: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for HVAC & Mechanical Contractors

Matt Barrows, Assistant Professor of Practice, Construction Programs at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, facilitated this discussion with SMACNA contractors Matt Cramer of Dee Cramer, Inc., Kevin Louis of Martin Petersen Company, Inc., and Ross Mitchell of T. H. Martin, Inc., about their experiences with Integrated Project Delivery.

New Horizons Foundation Dec 08 2020

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Best Practices for Field Leader Succession

Field Leader Succession is the process of developing and transitioning new leaders so they can replace their predecessors at the foreman, general foreman, or superintendent level. This white paper focuses on best practices in field leadership transition from one generation to the next.


Sheet Metal Contractor SSM Goes Nuclear

Three decades have passed since the last new nuclear power plant became operational in the United States.


Contractors Taste Success with Craft Malt Beer Brewers

Next time you try a bottle of craft beer, or drink a glass at a local brew pub, be sure to toast a couple of your fellow SMACNA member companies.

Webinar Oct 28 2020

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Scheduling and Planning Best Practices

This webinar offered an overview of a recent SMACNA Contractor Operations document Scheduling and Planning Best Practices which summarizes proven scheduling and planning processes.

Webinar Oct 15 2020

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Driving Project Success in A Remote Working Environment

The “new normal” of remote work has changed the climate of how projects are managed.  This EDGE Conference presentation featured innovative strategies designed to increase productivity in a remote working environment. 

Webinar Oct 15 2020

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Change Order Management for Field Supervisors – It Takes Teamwork

Effective change order management can dramatically reduce a subcontractor’s risk and increase profitability. This EDGE Conference session explored the change order process from a subcontractor’s viewpoint and reviewed the proper workflow necessary to ensure success.

Contractor Operations Manual

Scheduling and Planning Best Practices

Summarizes proven scheduling and planning processes and introduces practices, concepts and principles that are field-tested and proven to deliver superior results. Free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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Webinar Oct 14 2020

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Effectively Supporting the Field: A Self-Assessment

This EDGE Conference session featured the most common project management limitations and reviewed meaningful solutions that will improve the way you prepare and support your field staff.


SEA Airport North Satellite Modernization

The North Satellite (NSAT) Modernization Project combines leading-edge engineering with natural motifs to create a high-tech space with a biophilic design — one that appeals to people’s innate love of nature.


Contractor Goes Big with Air Force Corrosion Control Facility Upgrade

Matherly Mechanical’s facilities upgrade at Tinker Air Force Base is big on numbers. Read on for some of the notable ones.

Webcast Aug 07 2020

Pandemics and Productivity

This webcast breaks down the New Horizons Foundation report on Pandemics and Productivity in easy-to-understand pieces and explains how contractors can use the findings.

New Horizons Foundation Jul 16 2020

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Pandemics and Productivity: Quantifying the Impact

Before these findings were issued, no specific resource existed to help contractors quantify the cost impacts of lost productivity working under pandemic-driven protocols. The New Horizons Foundation and ELECTRI International, the National Electrical Contractors Association’s foundation, commissioned this report assessing the productivity impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Contracts Bulletin Jun 17 2020

Contracts Bulletin: COVID-19 Contract Addenda - Considerations for the Subcontractor

Subcontractors, whether they hope to present their own COVID-19 addendum or have recently had a COVID-19 addendum included by a general contractor or owner, should consider this information before signing on the dotted line.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 11 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Remedies for the Unpaid Subcontractor

In this Contracts Bulletin, you receive a general overview of the remedies available to subcontractors in these "contractor theft" situations.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 01 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Before You Cash That Check

Part 3 of this SMACNA Contracts Bulletin covers the risks involved in accepting partial payment on a project and how cashing certain checks could result in a subcontractor unwittingly giving up their rights to full payment.

Contracts Bulletin May 28 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Getting Paid in the Event of a General Contractor Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy filed by a general contractor jeopardizes a subcontractor’s right to payment. When this happens, the subcontractor should be ready to act. This Contracts Bulletin provides insight into bankruptcy and presents the steps that a subcontractor might take to protect its interests.

Contracts Bulletin May 18 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Payment and Retainage

This recently revised SMACNA Contracts Bulletin alerts members to payment and retainage issues they need to be especially mindful of when signing any future contracts.

SMACNA Endorses MCAA’s Updated Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime Primer

The 2020 edition of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America’s (MCAA) highly regarded construction management publication, Change Orders, Productivity, Overtime—A Primer for the Construction Industry, has received SMACNA’s full endorsement.

Contracts Bulletin Apr 17 2020

Contracts Bulletin: COVID-19: Increased Construction Costs

Many subcontractors have faced additional costs associated with performing work at jobsites during the COVID-19 outbreak. These additional COVID-19-related costs come in many forms, including extra hand-washing stations, before-shift health checks, and larger quantities of personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and goggles. Learn more about several common construction contract provisions that could allow subcontractors to recover costs incurred as a result of COVID-19.

SMACNews Mar 31 2020

Mobilizing for the Future: Asset Management

As the world experiences increased uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of the construction industry in maintaining a robust civil infrastructure has been heightened.

Podcast Mar 05 2020

Let's Talk Shop, Episode 10: Carol and Ashley Duncan of General Sheet Metal

To celebrate Women in Construction Week, host Angie Simon, SMACNA president and CEO of Western Allied Mechanical, talks with Carol Duncan, CEO, General Sheet Metal, and her daughter Ashley Duncan, mechanical division manager at General Sheet Metal.

SMACNews Feb 28 2020

General Sheet Metal Collaborates on Oregon Health & Science University Project

Oregon’s General Sheet Metal (GSM) was the design build contractor of choice when Oregon Health & Science University built the Gary and Christine Rood Family Pavilion.

SMACNews Feb 28 2020

Preparation Is Half the Work

Brandt promotes early coordination efforts during the preconstruction phase to lead to successful projects. With early involvement, this is where Brandt’s BIM (Building Information Modeling) team shines.


Partlan-Labadie Continues to Provide Critical Solutions

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is building two new paint shops in Michigan, and SMACNA contractor Partlan-Labadie Sheet Metal Company of Oak Park, Mich., is a crucial part of that growth.

Podcast Jan 09 2020

Let’s Talk Shop, Episode 8: Integrated Project Delivery

What are the benefits of integrated project delivery? Listen as Angie Simon, CEO of Western Allied Mechanical and SMACNA president, talks with Matt Cramer, president, Dee Cramer, on how he got started with integrated project delivery (IPD). 

SMACNews Dec 20 2019

Meticulous Planning Is Key to Success in Occupied Facilities

Bel-Aire Mechanical expanded manufacturing capabilities at a Phoenix, Ari. medical technology manufacturing facility.

Contractor Spotlight Video Dec 12 2019

SMACNA Contractor Spotlight: Hermanson

SMACNA visited Hermanson earlier this year as they were embarking on a major shop redesign to modernize their equipment and improve shop flow during the fabrication process.

Contractor Operations Manual

Material and Inventory Management Guide

This guide provides member contractors with a resource on purchasing and inventory management systems. Whether simple or complex, these systems are a set of rules for deciding when to purchase materials and services and how much to purchase.

This document is free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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SMACNews Oct 25 2019

Historic Department Store Sold on Phenolic Duct’s Benefits for Renovation Project

The Macy’s Department store in downtown Chicago is being retrofitted for other uses. Atomatic Mechanical Services is helping maximize the space.

SMACNews Oct 25 2019

General Sheet Metal Helps to Beautify Historic Vancouver waterfront

SMACNA member worked on two buildings in the waterfront development.

Podcast Oct 17 2019

Let's Talk Shop, Episode 7: What We Can Learn from Australia

Host Angie Simon, president, Western Allied Mechanical and SMACNA president-elect, travels to Australia and speaks with Russell Telford, managing director of A.G. Coombs and national president of the Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) and Sumit Oberoi, National Director of AMCA and SMACNA Chapter Executive.

Podcast Oct 14 2019

Let's Talk Shop, Episode 6: Lean Construction

In this episode of Let’s Talk Shop, host Angie Simon, president, Western Allied Mechanical, talks with James Morgan, president and CEO of Worcester Air Conditioning in Ashland, Mass, about lean construction techniques.


Holaday-Parks Takes on High-End Residences in Seattle Suburb

Contractor Holaday-Parks, Inc. is providing full mechanical services for a high-end residential building in the heart of Bellevue, WA.

SMACNews Aug 20 2019

SMACNA Contractor ‘Zips Up’ Conveyor Project for International Agriculture Company

Vidimos, Inc., a heavy-gauge steel and ductwork fabrication contractor, was hired by Cargill to replace part of a 170-foot-long, 30-year-old conveyor that transports up to 90,000 bushels of grain per hour.

Contractor Operations Manual

Strategies and Tools for Effective Procurement

Explore the importance that procurement has on the success of a construction project. 

Procurement on a construction project can account anywhere from 15% to 70% of a projects direct costs, yet this area is not often given the same weight as managing the risk of construction labor on a project. An effective procurement plan for any contractor should be focused on delivering the right material, at the right time, to the right location for the right price

This document covers the elements of an effective procurement plan, different methods for contracting materials, and tools to  manage that procurement. 

This document is free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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SMACNews Jun 20 2019

Fast Track to Success in ‘The Big Friendly’

Matherly Mechanical is helping the new Oklahoma City Convention Center meet an accelerated schedule for completion.