Contractor Spotlight Video May 07 2021

Contractor Spotlight Video: Energy Balance & Integration

The pandemic has created some amazing opportunities for contractors and Tony Kocurek’s TAB business, EB&I, is a shining example. TAB contractors are helping customers maximize their HVAC systems, not only to deal with extreme climate issues in Albequerque, NM, but also due to the pandemic.

Contractor Spotlight Video Oct 15 2020

Contractor Spotlight: Vidimos, Inc.

SMACNA recently spoke with Scott Vidimos, president and third-generation leader at Vidimos, Inc., and his team about how the industrial sheet metal contractor has evolved its business and technology to meet customer demand and needs over its last 75 years in business.

Contractor Spotlight Video Aug 13 2020

Contractor Spotlight: Poynter Sheet Metal

In response to growing customer demand, Poynter Sheet Metal has expanded its business to include modular construction which also included a 55,000 square foot expansion, bringing the total facility to 160,000 square feet.

Video Jan 30 2020

SMACNA Video: Becky Wiseman, PM Contracting, Inc.

In this video, SMACNA sits down with Becky Wiseman, PM Contracting, Inc. in Kansas City, MO.  Wiseman talks about how relationship-building has helped the growth of her company. She also talks about how the company will be expanding into testing and balancing and fire life safety. 

Video Jan 28 2020

SMACNA Video: Daniel Miranda

SMACNA's Jeff Henriksen sat down with Daniel Miranda, president, Just Right Heating & Cooling in Portland, Oregon to discuss Daniel’s background, immigration to the United States, and the current growth and opportunity he has experienced owning his own business.

Video Jan 02 2020

SMACNA Video: Wayne Greenwood, JEC Service Company

In this video, SMACNA talks with new Board member Wayne Greenwood, president of JEC Service Company in Waltham, MA. He talks about his company and their focus on customer service and technology. He also describes his path to president of the company. 

Video Dec 20 2019

SMACNA Video: Zach Russi, Western Allied Mechanical

SMACNA met with Zach Russi, Vice President, Western Allied Mechanical. Zach speaks about the amazing amount of growth at his company and how this has created a need for more workers, both on the craft and non-craft side of the business.

Contractor Spotlight Video Dec 12 2019

SMACNA Contractor Spotlight: Hermanson

SMACNA visited Hermanson earlier this year as they were embarking on a major shop redesign to modernize their equipment and improve shop flow during the fabrication process.

Video Nov 21 2019

SMACNA Video: Shasta Erickson

Meet new SMACNA board member Shasta Erickson, Vice President, Finance, of Miller Bonded in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Video Nov 07 2019

SMACNA Video: Chris Walker, CAL SMACNA

SMACNA talked with Chris Walker, executive vice president of CAL SMACNA, immediately after he was awarded Chapter Executive of the Year.

Video Nov 04 2019

SMACNA Interview: Joseph Lansdell, Contractor of the Year

SMACNA’s Contractor of the Year is Joseph Lansdell of Poynter Sheet Metal. In this video, hear Joseph talk about what motivates him to volunteer for SMACNA as well as in his local area.

Contractor Spotlight Video Nov 04 2019

SMACNA Contractor Spotlight: General Sheet Metal

SMACNA turns its spotlight on General Sheet Metal (GSM) in Clackamas, Oregon. The company, owned by SMACNA board member Carol Duncan, specializes in mechanical, architectural, and HVAC fabrication, installation, and repair.

Video Oct 31 2019

SMACNA Video: Angie Simon, SMACNA President

SMACNA talks with Angie Simon, new SMACNA president for 2019-2020 and president of Western Allied Mechanical.

Contractor Spotlight Video Oct 14 2019

Contractor Spotlight: ACP Sheet Metal/Midwest Fabricators

The latest Contractor Spotlight visits ACP Sheet Metal  and MidWest Fabricators in Oklahoma City, OK. ACP is a straight line sheet metal shop that happens to have SMACNA President, Nathan Dills as its owner and president.

Video Oct 14 2019

SMACNA Video: Paul Heimann, Welsch Heating & Cooling

The grand finale of SMACNA's 75th Anniversary is coming up. Hear Paul Heimann, vice president, Welsch Heating & Cooling, talk about how SMACNA has acted as a support network for him and the company he works for. 

Video Oct 02 2019

SMACNA 75th Anniversary Video: Randy Novak

SMACNA’s 2019 Annual Convention is a little more than two weeks away and so is the finale of SMACNA’s 75th Anniversary.


SMACNA Video: James Morgan, President, Worcester Air

SMACNA interviewed James Morgan, president, Worcester Air, Ashland, Massachusetts, as part of SMACNA’s 75th anniversary kick-off.

Video Sep 04 2019

SMACNA 75th Anniversary Video: Dick and Matt Cramer

As we head into SMACNA’s 2019 Annual Convention and the culmination of SMACNA’s 75th Anniversary, listen to Dick and Matt Cramer of Dee Cramer Inc. reflect on the history of SMACNA and how the organization has progressed through the years.

Contractor Spotlight Video Aug 19 2019

Contractor Spotlight Video: Therma

SMACNA recently visited Therma, a leading mechanical services company focused on designing, building, and servicing custom and complex mechanical systems.

Contractor Spotlight Video Aug 12 2019

Contractor Spotlight Video: Western Allied Mechanical

SMACNA visited Western Allied Mechanical (WAM) in Menlo Park, California. The company is home to SMACNA president-elect Angie Simon who is also WAM’s president.

Video Aug 01 2019

SMACNA Video: Carol Duncan

On the eve of SMACNA's 75th anniversary, Carol Duncan, CEO of General Sheet Metal, talks about what SMACNA has meant to her and her company throughout the years.

Contractor Spotlight Video Jul 12 2019

Contractor Spotlight Video: California Sheet Metal

SMACNA visited the west coast for a series of Contractor Spotlight video productions. Our first stop was California Sheet Metal, an employee owned, architectural sheet metal shop based in the San Diego area.

Video Jun 28 2019

SMACNA Video: Guy Gast, Waldinger Corporation

SMACNA interviewed Guy Gast, president, Iowa Division, The Waldinger Corporation, on the evolution of SMACNA over the past 75 years. 

Video Jun 12 2019

SMACNA Video: Tom Martin of T.H. Martin, Inc.

SMACNA interviewed Tom Martin, president of T.H. Martin, Inc., on the ways SMACNA has helped him succeed in business.

Video May 30 2019

SMACNA Video: Brian and Trenton Fluetsch of Sunset Air Inc.

SMACNA talked with Brian Fluetsch, president, Sunset Air Inc., Lacey, WA, and his son Trenton Fluetsch, who is currently service manager at the company.

Contractor Spotlight Video Apr 29 2019

Black & McDonald, Ltd.

SMACNA’s first Contractor Spotlight features Black & McDonald, a Canadian based multi-trade contractors with offices across Canada and the United States.

Contractor Spotlight Video Apr 19 2019

Contractor Spotlight Video: Lor-Don, Ltd/Technicair

In this Contractor Spotlight, SMACNA features Lor-Don, Ltd/Technicair, a Canadian contractor with a 140,000 sq. ft. facility that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of large-scale, complex industrial projects, but also services any individual consumer requests as well.

Video Feb 25 2019

SMACNA Video: Mark Watson

Mark Watson, treasurer, Climate Engineering, in Hiawatha, Iowa, shares his thoughts on the big leadership change that is taking place in his company as he and his brothers move on.

Video Feb 19 2019

SMACNA Video: Bill Ecklund and Dan Kelly of Felhaber Larson

Bill Ecklund and Dan Kelly of Felhaber Larson on being SMACNA's law partner since its inception. Felhaber Larson has been SMACNA's counsel for 70 + years and the two "have grown up together."

Video Feb 19 2019

SMACNA Video: Carol Duncan of General Sheet Metal

Corporate culture is important to Carol Duncan, the CEO of General Sheet Metal in Clackamas, Oregon. In her interview she talks about creating a corporate culture that has increased the level of involvement of her employees and is keeping them happy.

Video Jan 25 2019

SMACNA Video: A Nod to the Past, but Focused on the Future

SMACNA unveiled a new multi-purpose video at the SMACNA Board meeting and simultaneously at AHR Expo (2nd half of video only). 

Video Jan 25 2019

SMACNA Video: Focused on the Future

SMACNA's new multi-purpose video features a hard-hitting, fast paced roundup of various high profile projects showcasing SMACNA members at work. 

Video Jan 25 2019

SMACNA Video: Joseph Lansdell

Hear what former SMACNA President Joseph Lansdell (2016-2017) has to say about his firm, Poynter Sheet Metal in Greenwood, Indiana, and the challenges of scaling up and scaling down his business, so the volume matches its resources.

Video Jan 10 2019

SMACNA Video: Randy Novak

Randy Novak, president and third-generation owner of Novak Heating and Air, in Hiawatha, Iowa, talks about his unique path to ownership which started with sweeping floors and attending apprentice training school.

Video Jan 10 2019

SMACNA Video: Mark Watson

Watch as Mark Watson, treasurer of Climate Engineers, in Hiawatha, Iowa, explains why he loves coming to SMACNA conventions and catching up with his friends.


SMACNA Video: James Hall, Systems Management & Balancing, Inc.

Meet James E. Hall, president/owner of Systems Management Balancing Inc., in Waukee, Iowa as he talks about his varied customer base of sheet metal contractors, general contractors, construction managers, and design professionals who see the value in energy efficient products.

Video Dec 07 2018

SMACNA Video: Chad Bunting

Chad Bunting, president of Schoppe Co. Inc., in Salt Lake City Utah, comments on SMACNA’s incredible achievement of 75 years, noting that his firm has been around for 140 years. 

Video Nov 26 2018

SMACNA Interviews Bob Tuck of Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning

Bob Tuck, president of Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning Company, in Oakland, California, wishes SMACNA a happy 75th anniversary and shares the secrets to his 110-year-old firm’s longevity.

Video Nov 26 2018

Scott Vidimos Discusses Industrial Sheet Metal

Scott Vidimos, president, of Vidimos Inc. in East Chicago, Indiana, reflects on his industrial sheet metal company in the highly industrialized area of Indiana.

Video Nov 26 2018

SMACNA Video: Bernie Antchak, NW Sheet Metal

Bernie Antchak, business operations manager, of NW Sheet Metal in British Columbia, Canada, talks about the challenges of moving and running a full-service sheet metal shop that performs both manufacturing and contracting.

Video Nov 25 2018

Video Interview: Al LaBella, Blue Diamond Sheet Metal

Get to know Al LaBella, owner of Blue Diamond Sheet Metal, in Medford, New York, and a future SMACNA President.

Video Nov 13 2018

SMACNA President Nathan Dills on the future of SMACNA and the industry

Nathan Dills, SMACNA’s President, believes the industry’s future is bright. President Dills shares what amazes him about technology and his focus on future issues including recruiting and mentoring those in junior management so they are prepared to step in when the baby boomers retire.

Video Nov 13 2018

The Cramers Discuss Successful Transitions

Former SMACNA President Dick Cramer and son Matt Cramer share their thoughts on transferring the family firm, Dee Cramer Inc., from father to son.

Video Nov 13 2018

SMACNA Interviews Joseph Sellers, General President, SMART Union

SMART General President Joe Sellers reflects on his years in the sheet metal industry starting as an apprentice in 1980 and spanning to today as General President of SMART.

Video Nov 13 2018

Tony Kocurek, SMACNA Vice President, Discusses Current Business Trends

Anthony Kocurek, owner of Energy Balance & Integration in Albuquerque, New Mexico, shares his thoughts on how his business has changed and how it will continue to evolve thanks to technology.