June 24, 2021

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Leveraging Technology & Innovation to Gain a Competitive Edge

This members-only webinar will include a discussion centered on key ways to plan for major technology investments and how to get employee buy-in to help drive change and success.

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  • Calendar DateJun/24 2021


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Study Will Focus on Tool Management

A new study commissioned by the New Horizons Foundation will focus on industry-wide guidance around implementation of successful tool management processes. Members can help by completing a 10-minute survey that will help determine the current industry state of tool management practices.


INDUSTRIAL: Putting on the Finishing Touch

The heater boxes fabricated and installed by H.M. White help ensure the paint looks great on every Ford vehicle built at a suburban Detroit factory.


ARCHITECTURAL: Metal Press Brakes, Automation Lead to Architectural Improvements

Metal presses are one of the most basic tools of the sheet metal trade. “When we renovated the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, we shaped the gutters, flashings and downspouts with our press brake,” said David Parke, VP of construction operations at Honolulu-based Dorvin D. Leis Company, Inc.


New Technologies Promise Improved Safety and Efficiency

By now, many of us have seen the videos on the internet of industrial robots traversing warehouse obstacle courses like contestants on American Ninja Warrior. 


SMACNA Contractor’s Work Helps Power Silicon Valley Manufacturers

If you have any computer equipment in your shop, home or office — and nowadays, who doesn’t — odds are good that it was made by a company with its roots, or at least a major presence, in Silicon Valley. 


Sheet Metal Contractor SSM Goes Nuclear

Three decades have passed since the last new nuclear power plant became operational in the United States.


Contractors Taste Success with Craft Malt Beer Brewers

Next time you try a bottle of craft beer, or drink a glass at a local brew pub, be sure to toast a couple of your fellow SMACNA member companies.

Contractor Spotlight Video Oct 15 2020

Contractor Spotlight: Vidimos, Inc.

SMACNA recently spoke with Scott Vidimos, president and third-generation leader at Vidimos, Inc., and his team about how the industrial sheet metal contractor has evolved its business and technology to meet customer demand and needs over its last 75 years in business.

Webinar Oct 13 2020

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Apps for Construction - The Five Workflows to Digitize for Your Construction Company

In this EDGE Conference session, industry expert Rob McKinney shared his years of experience researching, selecting and implementing mobile technology on construction projects.  Learn about the latest options available for mobile apps and how to make them work with your company’s current processes, budget and workflows.


Contractor Goes Big with Air Force Corrosion Control Facility Upgrade

Matherly Mechanical’s facilities upgrade at Tinker Air Force Base is big on numbers. Read on for some of the notable ones.


The Tech Has Arrived. Your Move, Contractors.

Disruptions in supply chains, new safety protocols, remote work, and major project shifts have forced SMACNA contractors to improvise, adapt, and overcome in remarkable ways.

SMACNews Mar 31 2020

Wi-Fi Becoming the Standard for Home Thermostats

The ubiquity of Wi-Fi technology has played a major role in bringing the cost of wireless-networked thermostats down dramatically.

SMACNews Feb 28 2020

On the Cutting Edge

Laser cutting equipment is steadily making its way into the sheet metal shops of SMACNA members—especially those whose businesses extend beyond HVAC ductwork into other types of specialty fabrication.

SMACNews Oct 25 2019

Big Purchases Are About More Than Dollars And Cents

Research is essential when buying the heavy machinery required to compete in the sheet metal and HVAC sector.

SMACNews Oct 25 2019

Vidimos working to suppress explosions in Industrial Facilities

Combustible dust disasters have led to dozens of deaths and injuries and extensive damage.

SMACNews Oct 25 2019

Mobilizing for the Future: Field Technology

New SMACNews columnist, Tauhira Ali shares her insights on how you learn about new ideas and use construction technology to your advantage in the field.

SMACNews Apr 29 2019

A Green Roof Springs to Life

On top of a pharmaceutical company’s parking garage in Wilmington, Delaware, there grows a thriving patch of countryside, courtesy of SMACNA member Ernest D. Menold Inc.


Energy Systems Analysis and Management

This timely document provides an overview of a variety of energy-related business opportunities for commercial, residential, and institutional buildings. Presents contractors, building owners and operators, facility managers, and system designers with the tools needed to evaluate an existing facility for energy savings potential. Addresses both new construction and retrofits. Includes energy conservation management, the energy audit and energy estimating procedures. HVAC system maintenance and indoor air quality, energy management maintenance and monitoring, energy recovery systems and energy recovery system investment analysis.

Table of Contents

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HVAC Systems Applications

Focuses primarily on the advancement of HVAC systems technology, with increased emphasis on energy efficiency and the emergence of green and sustainable building. Provides guidance for HVAC system selection, operation, and design. Covers the fundamentals of space condition requirements and explains how the various types of air, hydronic and refrigeration HVAC system designs can be applied to buildings. Individual chapters detail system information for controls, multizone, dual duct, terminal reheat, variable air volume, induction and special applications such as dedicated outside air and thermal energy storage.

Table of Contents

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Sheet Metal Welding Guide

This publication and the wealth of information it contains are intended to assist contractors, estimators and shop supervisors in profitably managing the welding activity in a sheet metal shop. Updated coverage of welding processes; flux-cored wire guidelines; and the latest equipment. The safety chapter covers such items as health effects, hazard controls and safety procedures. Other chapters include guidelines for developing welding procedures, controlling weld quality, estimating, hiring and training welders and welder certification.

Table of Contents

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Architectural Industry Links

This is a list of prominent organizations that SMACNA department and members communicate with on a variety of topics and issues related to architectural metals.  


Construction Tech Trends: 2020 Year in Review and Predictions for 2021

Here is a short look at the most important tech trends that came out of this volatile year and will continue to impact SMACNA contractors.


Leveraging Tech to Combat COVID-19 Productivity Losses

It’s been a tough year for construction margins. To bolster their chances of profitability, savvy contractors are leveraging software to meticulously document COVID-related delays, track productivity from the field, and automate COVID-related protocols wherever possible.