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SMACNews Apr 30 2021

UV-C for HVAC Air and Surface Disinfection

Despite decades of research and thousands of applications in hospital emergency and operating rooms, urgent-care centers, universities, and first-responder locations, UV-C has not been widely leveraged. 


INDUSTRIAL: Putting on the Finishing Touch

The heater boxes fabricated and installed by H.M. White help ensure the paint looks great on every Ford vehicle built at a suburban Detroit factory.


ARCHITECTURAL: Metal Press Brakes, Automation Lead to Architectural Improvements

Metal presses are one of the most basic tools of the sheet metal trade. “When we renovated the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, we shaped the gutters, flashings and downspouts with our press brake,” said David Parke, VP of construction operations at Honolulu-based Dorvin D. Leis Company, Inc.


SMACNA Contractors Join Together to Transform Cleveland Hospital

SMACNA sheet metal contractors are playing an instrumental role in making the MetroHealth Transformation a success. 


INDUSTRIAL: ‘On-Time’ Is Critical for Global Aerospace Client

Time waits for no one, especially when you’ve been selected to build the newest manufacturing plant for the world’s largest aerospace corporation, The Boeing Company. 


HVAC: A Perfect Trifecta for SMACNA Members

SMACNA members won all the sheet metal work available for the Southwestern Community College’s new Performing Arts and Cultural Center in Chula Vista, Calif. 


ARCHITECTURAL: Taking Skills to New Heights

Accurate Specialty Metal Fabricators (ASMF) of Queens, N.Y., took their work to another level recently with a project atop the Citigroup headquarters building in New York City.


Clean Rooms Critical to Pandemic Response

Clean room projects offer SMACNA contractors the opportunity to showcase their expertise

Contractor Operations Manual

Integrated Project Delivery Guide

This Guide provides an overview of the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method from the perspective of sheet metal, HVAC, and mechanical contractors and can serve as a guide for those interested in expanding their market share into healthcare and other IPD market sectors.

IPD is found at the intersection of quality, cost and scheduling on a construction project where project teams, systems, business structures, and practices are all working collaboratively and tapping into the talents and insights of all team members in an effort to optimize efficiencies and reduce redundancies or waste throughout the construction life cycle (e.g., design, fabrication, installation, etc.).

This document is free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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Sheet Metal Contractor SSM Goes Nuclear

Three decades have passed since the last new nuclear power plant became operational in the United States.


‘A Pretty Good Win’

Even a global pandemic couldn’t sideline the construction of Allegiant Stadium, the new $2 billion home of the NFL Las Vegas Raiders and one of the most anticipated stadium projects in the Western United States.


Contractors Breathe New Life into Sacramento Districts

The City of Sacramento is currently renovating and expanding its downtown convention center and performing arts district, which includes the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center and the Community Center Theater.


Contractors Taste Success with Craft Malt Beer Brewers

Next time you try a bottle of craft beer, or drink a glass at a local brew pub, be sure to toast a couple of your fellow SMACNA member companies.

Contractor Spotlight Video Oct 15 2020

Contractor Spotlight: Vidimos, Inc.

SMACNA recently spoke with Scott Vidimos, president and third-generation leader at Vidimos, Inc., and his team about how the industrial sheet metal contractor has evolved its business and technology to meet customer demand and needs over its last 75 years in business.

Contractor Operations Manual

Improving Shop Workflow and Efficiency

Contractors need to analyze ways to improve their current shop layout before investing in any major expansion. With careful examination, you will often discover there is often more unused space available than you first thought.

This updated manual introduces new fabrication approaches and applications to SMACNA shop fabricators to help them become more competitive. The manual assumes members already have a sheet metal shop in operation, and these guidelines are intended to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of current shop set ups.

The guidelines may also be applied when designing a shop from scratch, as long as the designer knows the basic sequence of the fabrication process. These guidelines are also useful when expanding an existing shop.

This document is free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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SEA Airport North Satellite Modernization

The North Satellite (NSAT) Modernization Project combines leading-edge engineering with natural motifs to create a high-tech space with a biophilic design — one that appeals to people’s innate love of nature.


Contractor Goes Big with Air Force Corrosion Control Facility Upgrade

Matherly Mechanical’s facilities upgrade at Tinker Air Force Base is big on numbers. Read on for some of the notable ones.

Contractor Spotlight Video Aug 13 2020

Contractor Spotlight: Poynter Sheet Metal

In response to growing customer demand, Poynter Sheet Metal has expanded its business to include modular construction which also included a 55,000 square foot expansion, bringing the total facility to 160,000 square feet.

SMACNews Feb 28 2020

General Sheet Metal Collaborates on Oregon Health & Science University Project

Oregon’s General Sheet Metal (GSM) was the design build contractor of choice when Oregon Health & Science University built the Gary and Christine Rood Family Pavilion.


Creating a Unique Guest Experience Space at the Wells Fargo Center

SMACNA contractor Ernest D. Menold, Inc. built drink rails, bar supports and more for the grand opening of the “New City Terrace.”

SMACNews Dec 20 2019

Mission Possible for Stromberg

Stromberg, a SMACNA firm based in Beltsville, Md, fabricated and installed duct systems at the International Spy Museum.

SMACNews Oct 25 2019

Historic Department Store Sold on Phenolic Duct’s Benefits for Renovation Project

The Macy’s Department store in downtown Chicago is being retrofitted for other uses. Atomatic Mechanical Services is helping maximize the space.

Podcast Oct 17 2019

Let's Talk Shop, Episode 7: What We Can Learn from Australia

Host Angie Simon, president, Western Allied Mechanical and SMACNA president-elect, travels to Australia and speaks with Russell Telford, managing director of A.G. Coombs and national president of the Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) and Sumit Oberoi, National Director of AMCA and SMACNA Chapter Executive.

SMACNews Aug 20 2019

SMACNA Contractor ‘Zips Up’ Conveyor Project for International Agriculture Company

Vidimos, Inc., a heavy-gauge steel and ductwork fabrication contractor, was hired by Cargill to replace part of a 170-foot-long, 30-year-old conveyor that transports up to 90,000 bushels of grain per hour.

Contractor Spotlight Video Aug 19 2019

Contractor Spotlight Video: Therma

SMACNA recently visited Therma, a leading mechanical services company focused on designing, building, and servicing custom and complex mechanical systems.

SMACNews Jun 20 2019

Fast Track to Success in ‘The Big Friendly’

Matherly Mechanical is helping the new Oklahoma City Convention Center meet an accelerated schedule for completion.

SMACNews Jun 20 2019

Sail-Shaped Panels Transform Modest Structure into a Graceful Landmark

General Sheet Metal transformed a modest structure in Portland, Oregon, into an eye-catching landmark.

SMACNews Jun 20 2019

Duct Fabricators Plays Key Role in Cleveland Infrastructure Project

SMACNA contractor Duct Fabricators won three awards for their work on the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

SMACNews May 20 2019

Contractors Gravitating to Prefabrication for Sheet Metal and HVAC Projects

Prefabrication is far from a novel concept in the world of construction. Homeowners in the United States, for example, have purchased prefabricated houses for more than a century to live a more affordable version of the American Dream.


SMACNA Contractor’s Supersized Duct Delivers for California Hospital

The Sutter Women’s and Children’s Hospital project in Sacramento, California, was headed for disaster in the preconstruction phase in 2009. SMACNA contractor Air Systems Service and Construction (ASSC) of Sacramento was part of the winning team when the project was rebid under an Integrated Project Delivery model.

SMACNews May 20 2019

Prefabrication Speeds Installation in Dormitory Spaces

Over the past several years, James Morgan, president and CEO of Worcester Air Conditioning, Ashland, Massachusetts, estimates that his sheet metal workers have prefabricated and installed ductwork in more than 3,000 dormitory rooms in colleges and universities across the Bay State.


IFS Helps Upgrade Missouri Schools to Reduce Energy Costs

Integrated Facility Services (IFS) of St. Louis, Missouri is a key player in the St. Louis County Pattonville School District’s $10.2 million dollar energy conservation project to upgrade the schools’ aging facilities and save on energy costs.

SMACNews Apr 29 2019

University Innovation Center Designed for Collaboration

The roof and façade design for a new academic building project created “the perfect blend of high-tech and natural esthetics” for the University of Maryland’s new Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering, according to Scott Callaway of Overly Custom Metal Systems.

SMACNews Apr 29 2019

Geauga Mechanical Contributes to Luxury High-Rise’s LEED Status

Expertise in energy efficiency and early involvement in the planning process were the keys to a successful residential – and landmark – project for Geauga Mechanical of Chardon, Ohio, according to CEO Craig Berman, LEED AP, CEM.

SMACNews Apr 29 2019

Canadian Firm Revamps Plant Exhaust System

Trade-Mark Industrial Inc. of Cambridge, Ontario is flourishing in Canada’s booming economy. Trade-Mark has approximately 1,200 men and women in the field in locations as far west as Manitoba and the United States.

Podcast Apr 29 2019

Let's Talk Shop, Episode 1: Trends in Prefabrication

Episode 1 of Let's Talk Shop features Joseph Lansdell, President, Poynter Sheet Metal, on trends in prefabrication and its impact on the industry. The conversation focused on why and how contractors should get started with prefabrication and what cultural shifts need to happen to make the transition successful.


SMACNews Mar 31 2019

Innovative Research Center Gets Inventive Panel System

General Sheet Metal Works was on the design team that developed the unique exterior for the Knight Cancer Research Building (KCRB) at the Oregon Health and Science University.


Climate Engineers Video Shows Benefits of Prefabrication

In this video, eastern Iowa-based Climate Engineers describes the benefits and business opportunities of an efficient prefabrication process from fabrication through installation.


Rethinking Offsite Construction

FMI research in 2018 surveying owners offers a high-level snapshot of U.S. offsite construction environment at the time.


Building Boom Continues in Canada

The economy’s prolonged strength has left Canadian sheet metal and air conditioning contractors working on major projects across the country in 2019.


Construction is Booming Down Under

One of Fredon Air's major projects includes HVAC system design, fabrication, and delivery at the central Acute Services Building at Westmead Hospital in Westmead, Sydney, New South Wales.


Zahner’s South Korean Tower Sparkles

A dramatic curved stainless steel façade gave the A. Zahner Co. of Kansas City, Missouri, another opportunity to further expand its geographic reach to the Harim Tower in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea.


What’s in it for me? Documenting the benefits of Lean

Documenting the benefits of Lean admittedly is a challenge, because no two projects are exactly alike. However, we have a substantial body of analysis that suggests the success realized on Lean projects is real and can be duplicated from project to project. This is Part II of a two-part series that explores the benefits and challenges of lean construction. 


Southland Industries: Multi-trade Modular Rack Design and Construction Video

In this video, Southland Industries explains how the use of in-house engineering and construction resources build multi-trade modular rack systems.


ENR SmartMarket Report: Prefabrication and Modularization

This ENR SmartMarket Report examines the impact of prefabrication and modularization on industry productivity. 


MMC Contractors: Prefab and BIM Expertise Video

This video showcases SMACNA member MMC Contractors ability to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) and modularization techniques to go beyond just fabrication. 


J.F. Ahern: Prefab Time Lapse Video

J. F. Ahern Co. recently unveiled a time-lapse video that was filmed over several months, chronicling the assembly and installation of 32 multi-trade racking systems for the Froedtert CFAC project in Milwaukee.


J.F. Ahern: Prefabrication that Benefits Your Project

This video addresses estimating and design, shop fabrication and assembly, quality control, delivery and installation, and final occupancy.

J.F. Ahern: What is Prefabrication? Video

In this video, SMACNA member J.F. Ahern takes you through project stages including estimating, pre-planning, design/coordination, scheduling and purchasing, fabrication/assembly, quality control, and field installation to show how prefabrication works and benefits projects though improved risk, timing and cost.


Thermoset FRP Duct Construction Manual

This authoritative manual is one that design engineers, industrial engineering departments, pollution control authorities, fiberglass manufacturers and installation contractors can rely upon for the proper selection, manufacture, and installation of FRP duct systems. The American National Standard (ANSI/SMACNA 011-2017) contains language, tables and details for the construction of hand lay-up, spray-up, and filament-wound FRP ductwork from 30 in. wg negative pressure to 30 in.wg positive pressure. Round Ductwork sizes are expanded to include up to 96 in. diameter. For rectangular ductwork, new duct stiffener tables are added for easier selection. Recognizing the increased popularity of FRP ductwork, this edition is expanded to include commercial/HVAC applications. Supporting this, an underground installation section is added as well as added language on testing and balancing, duct sealing, and duct leakage. Duct hangers and support iinformation have been expanded and organized into a separate chapter which now includes: upper attachments, hanger selection tables, channel (strut) used as trapeze, riser support details, and more. Appendices in this edition cover: extended hanger spacing, general information on safe handling of thermoset fiberglass reinforced plastic duct, and allowable FRP defects.

Table of Contents

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