Contracts Bulletins

Earlier contracts bulletins will be posted once reviewed by SMACNA's legal counsel.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 04 2021

Contracts Bulletin #65 (2.0): Force Majeure – A Clause for Our Times

Updated June 3, 2021. When a contract contains either rewards or penalties for meeting deadlines, force majeure clauses are essential. Otherwise, the contractor will be held accountable for meeting a deadline, even if the delay is caused by forces outside its control.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 03 2021

Contracts Bulletin #110 (2.0): Shifting the Risk of Rising Material Costs

Updated June 2021. Even in the best of times, material shortages and changing prices are disruptive. Commodities, such as asphalt, copper, steel and other materials are subject to global pressures and price fluctuations. More than ever, contractors need to protect themselves from changes in material prices.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 03 2021

Contracts Bulletin #118 (2.0) : Force Majeure Provisions: COVID-19

Updated June, 2021. Over the last year, many industries have experienced supply delays and workforce shortages resulting from the spread of COVID-19. The construction industry certainly was not immune to these issues. The current situation serves as a good reminder to review and understand contract provisions that cover unforeseen construction delays.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 17 2020

Contracts Bulletin: COVID-19 Contract Addenda - Considerations for the Subcontractor

Subcontractors, whether they hope to present their own COVID-19 addendum or have recently had a COVID-19 addendum included by a general contractor or owner, should consider this information before signing on the dotted line.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 11 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Remedies for the Unpaid Subcontractor

In this Contracts Bulletin, you receive a general overview of the remedies available to subcontractors in these "contractor theft" situations.

Contracts Bulletin Jun 01 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Before You Cash That Check

Part 3 of this SMACNA Contracts Bulletin covers the risks involved in accepting partial payment on a project and how cashing certain checks could result in a subcontractor unwittingly giving up their rights to full payment.

Contracts Bulletin May 28 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Getting Paid in the Event of a General Contractor Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy filed by a general contractor jeopardizes a subcontractor’s right to payment. When this happens, the subcontractor should be ready to act. This Contracts Bulletin provides insight into bankruptcy and presents the steps that a subcontractor might take to protect its interests.

Contracts Bulletin May 18 2020

Contracts Bulletin: Payment and Retainage

This recently revised SMACNA Contracts Bulletin alerts members to payment and retainage issues they need to be especially mindful of when signing any future contracts.

Contracts Bulletin Apr 17 2020

Contracts Bulletin: COVID-19: Increased Construction Costs

Many subcontractors have faced additional costs associated with performing work at jobsites during the COVID-19 outbreak. These additional COVID-19-related costs come in many forms, including extra hand-washing stations, before-shift health checks, and larger quantities of personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and goggles. Learn more about several common construction contract provisions that could allow subcontractors to recover costs incurred as a result of COVID-19.