Business Development & Marketing

March 5-9, 2023

Business Management University 2023

Provides an in-depth study of the business practices necessary to run a successful sheet metal company.  Program sessions include financial management, strategic planning, contractor survival skills, negotiation, surety and bonding, leadership and productivity.

  • LocationTempe, AZ
  • Calendar DateMar/05 - Mar/09 2023

March 13-17, 2022

Business Management University 2022

Provides an in-depth study of the business practices necessary to run a successful sheet metal company.  Program sessions include financial management, strategic planning, contractor survival skills, negotiation, surety and bonding, leadership and productivity.

  • LocationTempe, AZ
  • Calendar DateMar/13 - Mar/17 2022


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Now Available - Ventilation Verification Webinar

Hear directly from several industry experts on the benefits of adding Ventilation Verification to your existing service offerings and how already familiar TAB skills and techniques can play an important role in offering this service to clients.


Deteriorating Backlogs: Responding to a New COVID-19 Reality

When 2020 kicked off, the construction industry was flying high. With a steady flow of work and bidding opportunities, large infrastructure projects on the horizon and sureties offering a seemingly endless supply of bonding, most contractors were hitting all-time-high revenues and profits, with healthy backlogs to keep the momentum going.

SMACNews Apr 30 2021

The Bidding Hack: 5 Ways to Increase Your Bid Win Rate

The pandemic led to one of the most difficult years in memorable history for the construction industry — one in which specialty contractors were hit particularly hard. According to a recent report from Autodesk, project bidding dropped roughly 34% in the 60 days following March 19, 2020, the day the first U.S. stay-at-home orders were mandated.

SMACNews Apr 30 2021

RESIDENTIAL: HVAC Rebates Help “Frontline” Customers

When COVID-19 hit, SMACNA St. Louis looked for ways to help contractors help their customers who worked on the frontline of the pandemic.


RESIDENTIAL: Experts - 2021 Will Build on Last Year’s Booming Residential Market

While not likely to be a record, the HVAC and sheet metal industry should see steady demand for residential services, experts say.


Maximizing Cash Flow, With or Without a Second PPP Loan

The stricter eligibility requirements for second draw Paycheck Protection Program (PPP2) loans excluded many construction companies from the new round of COVID-19 relief.


Clean Rooms Critical to Pandemic Response

Clean room projects offer SMACNA contractors the opportunity to showcase their expertise

Contractor Operations Manual

Strategic Growth Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented need to help mitigate the spread of the disease, creating huge areas of business growth opportunity for contractors. Properly designed and operating HVAC systems can help reduce the risks associated with virus transmission, and controlling airborne exposure to the virus is one way to mitigate the spread.

Changes to building operations, including the operation of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, can help reduce airborne exposures. Several areas have been identified as opportunistic by leading contractors including Indoor Air Quality, Outside Air Ventilation, Upgrades to air filtration, Fire and Life Safety, TAB work, preventative maintenance and service contracts, and Equipment replacement.  

This publication explores the areas that industry-leading contractors see as significant strategic business opportunities as a result of COVID-19.

This document is free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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Webinar Oct 13 2020

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Strategic Selling: A Systematic Approach to Winning Work in Complex, Competitive Environments

In this EDGE Conference session, Anderton helps you craft strategic approaches to bid specific work opportunities that will increase the likelihood of your company being selected to build the project.


HVAC Customers Seek Improved Indoor Air Quality

Across the United States, residential contractors have seen an increase in business as clients adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar Jun 18 2020

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Webinar: Federal Contracting for Small Businesses

The third in the five-part Federal Contracting webinar series reviewed how your company can take advantage of the opportunities available through new and existing Federal Government Small Business programs.

Webinar Apr 22 2020

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Webinar: Teaming and Joint Venturing and COVID-19 in Federal Contracting

The second webinar in our five-part series focused on the use of teaming and joint venturing as a strategy to secure government work. Host Ed DeLisle, Esq., an expert in federal contracting and construction law, guided participants through the process.

Webcast Apr 17 2020

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Staying Calm and Seizing Opportunities

Recognizing that strong, steady leadership in a time of crisis is an essential skill, SMACNA partnered with Eric Anderton, a trusted construction-industry expert and business partner to host a webcast on how you can rise to the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic and seize available growth opportunities.

Webinar Mar 21 2020

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Webinar: Federal Procurement Overview

The first webinar on the subject of contracting with the Federal Government explains what many other contractors have already discovered — how easy and profitable working for the Federal Government can be for your business.

SMACNews Feb 28 2020

Merging Traditional Branding with Digital Marketing

Yellow is much more than a color for Gabrilson Indoor Climate Solutions, a SMACNA firm based in Iowa. It is the foundation of the company’s brand.

Video Oct 02 2019

SMACNA 75th Anniversary Video: Randy Novak

SMACNA’s 2019 Annual Convention is a little more than two weeks away and so is the finale of SMACNA’s 75th Anniversary.

SMACNews Aug 20 2019

St. Louis SMART, SMACNA Chapter Buck Residential Work Trend with Marketing Efforts

A cooperative relationship, as well as combined training and marketing efforts, have contributed to major growth in the St. Louis residential HVAC service market.


The Roadmap for an Enduring Organization

Why is it that only about 30 percent of privately held companies move beyond the founder and transition to a second generation? One primary reason is that there is no roadmap from “here” to “there.”


Tom Schleifer’s Construction Company Self-Analysis Program

In 2019, Dr. Thomas C. Schleifer developed the Construction Company Self-Analysis Program.This do-it-yourself diagnostic tool offers the equivalent of an independent expert evaluation of every aspect of a construction business.

SMACNews May 20 2019

Contractors Gravitating to Prefabrication for Sheet Metal and HVAC Projects

Prefabrication is far from a novel concept in the world of construction. Homeowners in the United States, for example, have purchased prefabricated houses for more than a century to live a more affordable version of the American Dream.


Successful Customer Service Practices for HVAC Service

Successful Customer Service Practices for HVAC Service and Retrofit Contractors provides strategies and procedures to keep a customer for life. It includes information on establishing a customer care culture and working within the "life cycle" of a customer. Prepared under the direction of the Residential Contractors Council Steering Committee, this manual helps identify and evaluate your customer types and effective service policies for each type, as well as the customer service role of each employee. Sample scripts are provided so companies can set procedures and train employees on proper customer interaction and phone etiquette.

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Building Energy Codes: Why Should Homeowners Care?

Residential HVAC contractors take note: Homeowners overwhelmingly put energy efficiency at the top of their list of essential and desirable features, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). 

New Horizons Foundation Jul 04 2017

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Developing the New Horizons Foundation Decision-Making Framework for New Market Entry

This 67-page publication provides detailed background on research completed for this project. It identifies the scope, sponsorship and funding by the New Horizons Foundation. The project was the product of discussions among contractors seeking to assist others who may be interested in a chance to grow.

New Horizons Foundation Jul 04 2017

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Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities: A 10-Step Process

Are you ready to add a new line of work or a new market for your existing line of work? Market opportunities can present themselves in a variety of ways:

  • a customer could ask your company to expand geographically;
  • an employee might offer up specific skills;
  • or a new market in need of service can have a strong pull.

New Horizons Foundation Jul 03 2017

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Decision-Making Framework for New Market Opportunities: Experiences

Most company leaders make market entry decisions once or twice in their careers; not enough to build experience. This 19-page publication adds the real experiences of others to understand the pitfalls and risks associated with a new market decision.

New Horizons Foundation May 01 2017

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Enhancing Your Organizational Structure: An Approach to Profitable Operations

This white paper focuses on traditional and functional organizational structures. It offers a simple and easily understood contrast and comment on the appropriateness of each approach. In contrast to the traditional structure, the paper concludes that a functional analysis of a firm’s operations can be “a tool for designing their organization going forward. It views a contracting company as a system of various inputs coordinated to create one desired outcome.”


Residential Retrofit & Service Operations Management Program

The Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Management Program provides information on the latest methodologies to start up and run a profitable and successful residential and light commercial HVAC service and replacement department. This manual begins with an in-depth look at the financial considerations involved in this special type of work and moves into areas such as sales and operations, marketing methods, and personnel requirements. The appendices include a wealth of sample job descriptions for typical residential/light commercial personnel and very interesting "blog style" case studies offering valuable firsthand contractor advice.

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New Horizons Foundation Aug 01 2016

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A New Era of Customer Service: How to Manage Customer Relationship

This paper includes a list of best practices to identify customer needs and satisfaction and outlines a cost-effective process to create a customer-centered culture. The white paper was written for HVAC and sheet metal contractors by Tom Schleifer, an author with experience and instant credibility in the industry.

New Horizons Foundation Jan 01 2016

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Successful Marketing and Business Development Strategies for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors

This white paper helps HVAC and sheet metal contractors use marketing and business development more strategically. It also provides an approach on how to create a plan, implement it, measure the results and, ultimately, create a long-term plan to build customer relationships and backlogs.

New Horizons Foundation Mar 01 2014

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Risks and Opportunities for HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractors During the Construction Market Recovery

This white paper describes and analyzes contractor risks associated with a recovering economy and market.

New Horizons Foundation Dec 01 2013

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Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is a blueprint for contractors seeking to use the Futures Study to improve their position as the industry recovers and stabilizes.

New Horizons Foundation Jan 01 2013

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Contractor Success Stories: Adapting to the Post-Recession World

The Great Recession has had a profound and long-lasting effect on the U.S. construction industry – including the HVAC and sheet metal industry – forcing many companies to look inside and reevaluate their services, clients and markets as well as their vision and strategic goals.


Building Systems Analysis and Retrofit Manual

The second edition of the Building Systems Analysis and Retrofit manual provides methods to assess the major energy using elements of an existing building—electrical (lighting and motors) and HVAC. It provides a process that begins with a walk-through audit. Methods discussed include using building systems automation, envelope improvements, and demand control strategies including thermal energy storage. Contractors interested in new opportunities will find market entry guidance and ideas to assist them in the development of new business strategies that target the renovation of existing buildings. Existing buildings are often located near public transportation and development typically occurs on a building’s existing footprint. These two “green” drivers may combine with basic economic factors to produce a compelling incentive for many prospective building owners to choose renovation of an existing building over the construction of new facilities.

Table of Contents

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HVAC Contractors Guide to Bidding Green Building Projects

HVAC contracting firms interested in successfully bidding green building construction projects must be aware of additional requirements if the project is design-build, construction, commissioning, closeout and warranty period. This guide introduces HVAC contracting firm personnel to green building construction and provides information that will help them successfully bid green building construction projects. Updated to comply with LEED Version 3 (v3) green building rating systems.

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Providing New Services in a Changing Industrial Market

The COVID-19 pandemic took the father-son team of Ernest J. Menold and Ernie P. Menold, third and fourth generation leaders at Ernest D. Menold, Inc., by surprise. The Menolds are now positioning themselves to help clients comply with new health guidelines.

Contractor Operations Manual

Construction Contracts: Alternative Delivery Methods

This paper provides a brief overview of alternative delivery methods for construction contracts and can serve as a primer for contractors interested in providing services to their clients outside of the traditional design-bid-build model.

At the beginning of most projects, clients have a strong bargaining position and can dictate the terms of the contracts. Understanding how these different contract models operate right from the outset will allow contractors to decide whether it makes sense to pursue a project, develop the “best” price in a competitive manner, and manage the risk associated with these alternative methods.

This document is free to members in the SMACNA Store.

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White Paper

Mini-Split Systems in Residential Retrofit Applications

Mini-split systems are being marketed for installation in new construction in smaller homes but are also being utilized in retrofits. This paper addresses some benefits and limitations of mini-split systems in residential retrofit applications.


PEW Charitable Trusts Energy Efficiency Resources

Pew is working to increase the amount of industrial energy efficiency to help create jobs, spur private investment, improve competitiveness, and enhance resiliency.