SMACNews March 2019

Volume 53 Number 3

An Interview with SMART General President Joe Sellers

An Interview with SMART General President Joe Sellers

A second-generation worker in the sheet metal industry, Joe Sellers took over in 2015 as general president of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, the labor union commonly known as SMART. SMACNA recently spoke with Sellers about some of SMART’s latest developments. Adapting to rapidly evolving technological advancements and improving workforce forecasting techniques are among the union’s top objectives at the moment.

Listening to ourselves, our customers, our employees

As I travel around the country in my role as SMACNA President, I am meeting with many SMACNA chapter executives, members and their employees, listening to what they have to say, and thinking in terms of where our industry is headed.

Capitol Hill Update: House Passes SMACNA-Endorsed School Energy Efficiency Bill

While many new members of Congress are still learning the ropes and committees are organizing, the U.S. House continues to pass SMACNA priority bills and send them over to the Senate.

Developing Leaders One at a Time

Every owner knows the frustration of pouring time and money into training and development, then wondering if it’s making a real difference.

SMACNA Offers Essential Bargaining Resources

SMACNA offers a variety of services to prepare management bargainers and offers more significant resources than other union trade associations.

SMACNA Helps Negotiation Committees Prepare for 2019 Bargaining Season

For Deborah Wyandt, Esq., SMACNA’s executive director of labor relations and human resources, the signs of spring mean that the spring and summer contract bargaining season is getting underway.

SMACNA Members Reach Out to Recruit Talent into Industry

From promoting careers on social media to holding open houses, SMACNA members are trying many different ways to attract people to a career in the HVAC and sheet metal industry.