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Technical Resources Apr 27 2021

EPA Signs SNAP Rule 23

On April 23, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Rule 23 - New listings for refrigeration and air conditioning; revised listing for fire suppression.

Technical Resources Apr 22 2021

Rooftop Ductwork – Round or Rectangular?

This technical resources bulletin discusses the differences between round and rectangular duct types, and factors to consider when choosing the appropriate duct type for rooftop ductwork applications.  

Technical Resources Sep 17 2020

HVAC COVID-19 Guidance

This technical resource bulletin includes SMACNA’s recommended Guidelines to open existing buildings with more specific emphasis on the building’s HVAC System.

Technical Resources Oct 18 2019

Hanger Straps Embedded in Concrete

The SMACNA Testing and Research Institute (STRI) completed load tests on three different combinations of strap embedded in concrete.

Contractor Operations Manual

Contractors Role in Preconstruction Planning

In the construction industry, project success depends on planning in schedule, cost, design, and other deliverables. That planning includes the organization of the resources (people, equipment, and tooling) and costs (materials and labor) to perform at the right time (scheduling).

The goal of preconstruction planning is to standardize the planning process, leading to predictability in resources, costs, and scheduling for each project.  This manual focuses  on the general processes a contractor must perform to implement preconstruction planning and how to manage a designer and the design aspects of the process. Also covered is the use of technology in preconstruction.

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Equipment Warranty Options for Residential Contractors

SMACNA’s Equipment Warranty Options for Residential Contractors guide covers the four major types of equipment warranties (contractor, manufacturer, third-party, and customer).

Employee Policies

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Collective Bargaining Considerations for Monitoring Technology

An overview of the law under the National Labor Relations Act concerning use of technology to monitor employees and employer property. 

Technical Resources Feb 16 2017

2017 Update for Architectural Fascia and Coping Wind Tests Report

SMACNA’s Technical Resources Committee completed wind uplift testing on custom-fabricated fascia and coping architectural elements constructed in accordance with the SMACNA Architectural Sheet Metal Manual.

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Early Start-Up of Permanently Installed HVAC Systems

Contractors are increasingly being required to perform early start-up of HVAC systems for the use of temporary heating, cooling or dehumidification during the construction process. This SMACNA position paper addresses the issue.

Technical Resources Jan 12 2014

Effects of Imposing a Universal Requirement of (G-60, G-90) Coating on All Components of Ductwork

This technical paper reviews the HVAC Duct Construction Standards, 2nd edition, 1995, specifications and requirements for zinc coating on galvanized steel ducts.