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Is Your Facility Protected From Potential Theft?

Take a close look at your business. Does it seem like a place that may attract thieves? Predicting when a theft will occur is difficult – if not impossible. The thief could be someone with high intent who does a lot of planning, or potentially an amateur acting on impulse. Either way, consider the habits and situations that might make you an easier target, and what steps you may need to take to enhance the security of your business.


Webinar - Five Things to Help Prevent Ransomware Impacting Your Business

Being held hostage by ransomware is a scary event to deal with in your organization. It's essential to understand the emerging trends in ransomware, and the recent highly targeted attack vectors, what actions you can take to help prepare before an attack.

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In-Cab Technology: The Future of Fleet Safety

With vehicle crashes on the rise and cost of crash-related litigation skyrocketing, many businesses are leveraging in-cab technology to help protect their drivers, operations, and bottom line.

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Risk Management Seminars Coming to a Location Near You

SMACNA members are invited to attend an exclusive, complimentary Risk Management Academy session hosted by Federated Mutual Insurance Company.

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Webinar: Fall Prevention: Slips, Trips, Falls and Common OSHA Citations

Each year, jobsite and workplace hazards related to falls continue to be a common source of OSHA citations, with slips, trips and falls among the most frequent sources of claims.

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When Disaster Strikes Your Electrical Systems

Electricity is vital to our world and businesses, and our reliance on electrical systems creates a risk. Could you continue operating your business without electricity?

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News Release: April Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Increases in speeding, cell phone use, and hard braking caused over 43,000 deaths in 2020 — almost 3,000 more deaths than in 20191 — so refocusing company drivers on safety is truly a life-saving endeavor.

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Webinar: Risk Managing Your Fleet - Leadership and Changing Behavior

Driving-related incidents continue to be a massive problem for businesses, and our society as a whole. With a fresh approach toward the continued efforts to reduce driving-related incidents, this presentation discusses the role of leadership within a company, and how that relates to changing and improving driving behaviors.

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Evaluate Your Mental State Behind the Wheel

At times, our thoughts can feel like they’re racing faster than the traffic around us while we’re on the road – but letting our minds stray behind the wheel is a form of distracted driving.

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Do You Know Who You're Hiring?

You’re looking to bring on a new employee, and your prime candidate looks great on paper — plenty of experience, consistent work history, and ideal professional credentials.