June Is National Safety Month

National Safety Month is a month-long effort aimed at helping organizations and their workers prevent on-the-job hazards, address physical and psychological safety concerns, and advance safety protocols and continuous improvement on the jobsite.

June 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the National Safety Council’s National Safety Month, a month-long campaign aimed preventing, addressing and advancing safety on jobsites and in everyday life across the U.S.

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This year’s topics will focus on:  

Week 1:  Preventing Incidents Before They Start. Identify risks and take proactive safety measures to reduce hazard exposure in the workplace.

Week 2: Addressing Ongoing COVID-19 Safety Concerns. As the pandemic continues, employers play an important role in expanding operations and returning remote workers to physical workspaces, building trust around vaccines, supporting mental health and more.

Week 3: Feeling Safe on the Job. Being safe at work without fear of retaliation is necessary for an inclusive safety culture. Leading organizations focus on physical safety and psychological safety.

Week 4: Advancing the Safety Journey. Safety is about continuous improvement. Learn how to improves safety on the individual level to improve overall safety on the organizational level as well.

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