Check Out the MarApr Issue of SMACNews!

The MarApr issue of SMACNews is now available online and for download as a PDF.

The MarApr issue of SMACNews is now available online and for download as a PDF. This issue’s highlights include:

Cover Story

New Technologies Promise Improved Safety and Efficiency

Construction and software companies are exploring cutting-edge technologies and developing and rolling out innovative solutions that will change the jobsite forever, boosting productivity while making jobsites safer.

Feature Article

UV-C for HVAC Air and Surface Disinfection

For nearly a century, short-wave ultraviolet (UV-C) energy has been used to destroy airborne and surface-bound microbes. SMACNA is sharing AMCA’s recent report on the topic.



Metal Press Brakes, Automation Lead to Architectural Improvements

Automation is transforming basic equipment, helping to save time while opening up new architectural possibilities. “I’m a former shop worker, and the technology is light-years beyond what it was when I started.”


Now Serving Improved Restaurant Air Quality

As cities and states begin to loosen capacity restrictions, SMACNA members are finding their ventilation expertise in demand as operators work to ensure patrons’ comfort and safety.

Bipolar Ionization Spurs Interest as COVID-Fighting IAQ Solution

Some restaurant operators are adding bipolar ionization technology to existing HVAC systems in an effort to demonstrate they’re doing their best to mitigate the risk of coronavirus while keeping the city’s signature industry functioning.


Putting on the Finishing Touch

The heater boxes fabricated and installed by H.M. White help ensure the paint looks great on every Ford vehicle built at a suburban Detroit factory.


HVAC Rebates Help ‘Frontline’ Customers

Customer rebates offered to frontline workers were a way for St. Louis contractors to give back to the community while gaining new, loyal customers.


President's Message

Technology and the Future of Contracting Work

The economic recovery continues as contractors focus on the dual realities of the new jobsite: what keeps people safe and what can help keep projects on time and on budget.


5 Ways to Increase Your Bid Win Rate

The pandemic has led to a highly competitive bidding environment where winning new business and delivering on those bids will make or break the future of many companies.

Financial Stewardship

Deteriorating Backlogs: A New COVID-19 Reality

It might be tempting to jump on any work you can find, but the opposite approach is more effective in the long run. As backlogs continue to dwindle, make smarter moves and come out ahead.


The Harder Work: Reputation Management and Trust Building

A company’s reputation is closely tied to the integrity of the senior leader who makes most of the deals. Every decision he or she makes enhances or hinders that reputation.

Capitol Hill Update

SMACNA Endorses Major School Construction and Retrofit Legislation

SMACNA has expressed support for S. 96, “The Reopen and Rebuild America’s Schools Act,” sponsored by Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) and 27 cosponsors.

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